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Symi Photos

SymiTop is sponsored from Top 10 shop's of the island with the idea of giving the best information to the people visiting Symi island to enjoy eat, drink, dance, relax, swim, walk ,explore and more...


SymiTop was created in order to offer vital information about the island to you, the visitors. It is an electronic guide map that will help you discover Symi and all its beauties that are either hidden or in plain sight! You may use the Google Map that Is on the website to direct you to your desired locations and you may also, keep track of the current weather forecast!

SymiTop Restaurants 

manos greek fish taverna the most famous and the best restaurant in symi . seafood restaurant.

MANOS Greek Fish Taverna

los art yacht club is a bar a club and a restaurant , lobster oyster an sushi

LOS - Art Yacht Club (Lobster, Oyster, Sushi)

mythos greek taverna symi traditional food

Mythos Greek Restaurant

bella napoli trattoria italiana the best italian restaurant and pizzaria in symi with wood oven

BELLA NAPOLI Trattoria Italiana

nikolas traditional patisserie to eat sweets and breakfast in the island of symi

NIKOLAS Traditional Patisserie

nikolakis lokum shop in symi island

(is comming soon)

nikolakis gelateria and fruiteria fresh fruit juice and ice cream in symi island

Gelateria Fruteria Nikolakis

SymiTop Boutiques

mina boutique in symi island best clothes brand store in the island

MINA Boutique

swims clothes and shoes shop in symi island
vakkorama turkish shop in symi island



Symi in Greece is a beautiful island to explore. This guide explains how to get around Symi.
Includes buses, boat trips, car and scooter rentals, hiking and more.

Agios Emilianos Symi island Greece

Welcome to our sunny sanctuary, where the turquoise waters of Symi Island beckon you to embrace the beauty of Greece's hidden gem. Dive into the heart of our, where the golden sands and crystal-clear beaches of Symi unfold like chapters in a captivating story. Join us on a virtual journey to discover the seaside wonders that make Symi a paradise for beach enthusiasts. From secluded coves to vibrant shores, let's embark on a sun-kissed adventure together, where every wave whispers tales of relaxation and pure bliss. Get ready to immerse yourself in the warmth of Symi's coastal charm – where the sea meets serenity, and every beach is a piece of paradise waiting to be explored!

Nimborio Symi island
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