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SymiTop was created in order to offer vital information about the island to you, the visitors. It is an electronic guide map that will help you discover Symi and all its beauties that are either hidden or in plain sight! You may use the Google Map that Is on the website to direct you to your desired locations and you may also, keep track of the current weather forecast!

On SymiTop there is information about the history of the island that dates back to ancient Greek times and travels its way to the 21st century. You can learn some interesting historical fun facts or about the way of living of its citizens. See monuments, the museum and the gallery open to the public and study the culture of Symi! Walk through the small alleyways and admire the stunning architecture and the distinctive colorful houses gracing the harbor from the moment you arrive.

In here you may find everything about this jewel of the Aegean Sea. There are certain holidays and religious celebrations you may want to be part of during your stay!


Check out the dates the festivals are hosted, our monasteries and churches and experience the customs while eating delicacies and dancing with the locals. Find out how you can explore the island (boat tours, bus services, taxis or on foot) and uncover secret gulfs with emerald sea waters and a tranquil landscape. If you like cosmopolitan beaches, then you’ll see details about them in our pages as well.

We also suggest some of the islands’ top restaurants, so you can savor all the traditional Greek and specifically Symian food or do your shopping in some of the most popular boutiques and shops in Symi. Whether you want a grilled octopus, a cone of ice-cream or to buy gifts for yourselves and your loved ones and don’t know where to go, we’ve got you covered with all of the important information right here! Organize your trip with our ‘top things to do’ and ‘best places to visit’ recommendations in Symi and have the most memorable vacations on our island!

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