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Symi island view from drone


nos beach symi


Enjoy the clean waters of the Aegean Sea, under the warm sunrays, while lying on the golden sand along with a cold cocktail in hand!

Nos (means Nautical Club of Symi) is the most popular sandy beach on the island. You could get there by foot as it is 300 metres away (12-15 minutes) from the capital and main port. It is a family-friendly organized beach with umbrellas and sunbeds to sunbathe on! Put on your swimsuit, turn left at the clock tower and see the gorgeous beach unfolding before you.


Travel to the monastery and seize your chance to swim in the small bay of Panormitis and admire the splendid picturesque village.

Panormitis is 12 km south of the town of Symi and you could get there by car (30-40 minutes) or by boat (45 minutes). The road has many curves, but you’ll cherish the efflorescent earth around you! The beach is long and full of pebbles. It is not organized, except for a few facilities that surround the coast. You can sunbathe and swim in this small bay, but keep in mind that nudism is not accepted by the locals, because of the religious symbolism of the monastery.

panormitis symi
agia nikolaous beach symi


Walk through this sandy beach, offering natural shade under the green tress and swim carefree in the Aegean waters.

It is a 3-minute drive from Pedi Bay, or a 20-minute walk. The path is marked by painted red circles over the rocks. Taxi-Boats from the harbor can take you there in 20 minutes, as well. The beach is safe for families of younger children, there are available sunbeds and umbrellas to rent and if you’re hungry or thirsty, you could have a meal in the taverna or try one of the cocktails at the beach-bar.


A magnificent efflorescent panorama full of cypresses, large pebbles and crystalline waters.

This huge bay is accessible by a taxi-boat (30-45 minutes). Don’t worry though, because the last one for the harbor departs at 6:30 pm, so you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the waves! Due to the lack of sand, the coast is not comfortable for families with children. It is, also, advisable to choose shoes over flip-flops, because of the pebbles along the beach. Umbrellas and sunbeds can be rented. A taverna is nearby to accommodate you in regards to meals and drinks.

nanou beach symi
faneromeni beach symi


Dive in the waters of this beautiful bay and admire the stony scene under the hot sunrays.

Faneromeni is an alluring bay, which can be accessed on foot from Panormitis. It is close to Marathounta beach as well. Given the rocky land you have to pass through to get to the sea, it is not preferable for families. Feel adventurous, walk down the steps and lead your way to the emerald sea. This bewitching setting will be one to remember!


Adore the enchanting and exhilarating view of the area and jump in the water for a refreshing dip.

This heavenly little island can be accessed by car (12-15 minutes), taxi-boat, or on foot (50 minutes). You will fancy the sparkling bright-blue waters that are perfect to dive in. It is located close to the bay of Pedi, is safe for your children and their adventurous spirit. Don’t miss your chance to visit Agia Marina during your stay in Symi.

agia marina beach symi
Agios Vasilios Symi beach


If you want to swim in a serene, lonely location, then you’ll love this coast! Sunbathe under the sun with or without clothes and relax under the natural shade of the trees.

The beach is called Agios Vasilios or Lapathos, and is not accessible by boat-taxis (except from a few days during high season). The only way to visit the beach is by feet, which will take you a couple of hours. Close to Pedi Bay, the place is remote and quiet (excellent for nudists), so you should bring water and food with you.


Treat yourself with a visit in this magical bay with a fantastic view, crystal waters and a serene environment full of pine trees.

Marathounta has the most amazing emerald crystal waters in Symi. It is one of the few beaches you can access by car (35 minutes) or taxi-boat (its last stop). It is organized for tourists and since it is far from the centre, you will get to revel in the tranquility and the splendor of nature. There is a taverna, if you decide to dine in the area, and a few accommodations to spend the night.

Marathounta beach symi
maroni beach symi


Take a look at a wondrous whimsical bay, inundated by trees and lithic elements and dive in the translucent sea.

Northwest of Gialos, lies a charming quaint pebbled beach. Accessible only by a taxi-boat, you get to wonder at the pine trees gracefully sliding towards the sea, thus creating a small island. On top of that, there is a tiny chapel visible during your arrival. Appreciate the privacy of the coast and unwind next to the waves.


Plunge into the crystal waters and relish your time under the cool shade of the surrounding trees. Fall in love with the breathtaking scenery during your time on the island.

The beach is located 3km Northwest of Symi’s centre. You could access Nimborio or Emborios beach by car (6-10 minutes) or on foot (30 minutes). It is a developing resort, so the coast doesn’t attract multiple visitors at once. Again, it is great for families and the village is close, in case, you want to grab a bite after your swim. Close to the settlement are Faneromeni, Marathounta and Agios Nikolaos beach.

niborio beach symi
pedi beach symi


Visit Pedi Bay for an unforgettable experience and get to swim in the cool, azure waves. The rocky hills complement the tranquil pebbled coast and the entire place looks otherworldly.

Pedi beach is partly organized for tourists and is equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas. It is 2km West of Symi town and you can get there by car (8-10 minutes), by bus or on foot. It is perfect for families and singles too and you may choose to eat in one of the tavernas located in the village.


Swim at the cleanest cyan waters surrounding the islet and let the infinite view of the sea carry your mind away.

This beach is only accessible by car (20 minutes), or boat-taxi, as it is located 8km Northwest of Symi’s port. The boat taxis depart around 10 from the centre and return around 4 pm. A narrow line of land (islet) connects the coast with the church of Agios Emilianos. It is not an organized beach, but the view will excite you and you’ll enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience!

Symi Agios Emilianos beach
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