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Symi island view from drone

How to get to Symi

Located near the coast of Turkey, Symi is one of the Dodecanese islands, and getting to this island is an adventure in itself.

There is no airport in Symi so if you are traveling from mainland Greece, your options are to take a 17-hour ferry ride from Athens or fly to Rhodes and take a 50+minute catamaran or ferry ride to the island.

If you choose to fly, the Rhodes airport code is RHO, and you can check ferry options with Ferry Hopper.

Symi island colorful houses

How To Get Around Symi Island In Greece

Symi in Greece is a beautiful island to explore. This guide explains how to get around Symi.

Includes buses, boat trips, car and scooter rentals, hiking and more.

Symi Taxi


One way to get around Symi is by taxi. Depending on the time of year you are visiting, you may have to pre-arrange your ride.

The taxi stand is located by the port, close to the bus terminal.

Make sure you get a quote before you book.

Here you have some Symi Taxi phone numbers.

taxi in symi

Makropoulos Yiannis

Address: Ano Symi 856 00

Areas served: Ano Symi

Phone: +30 694 553 1676

Taxi symi

Nikolis Giannis

Address: Ano Symi 856 00

Areas served: 

Panormitis and nearby areas

Phone: +30 698 756 9469

Kourdoumpas Stamatios

Address: Ano Symi 856 00

Areas served: Symi

Phone: +30 6945226348

Taxi symi

Petridis Georgios

Address: Ano Symi 856 00

Areas served: Symi

Phone: +30 6974623492

Taxi symi
Symi island waters

Taxi Boat's

Discover the beautiful Symi beaches
on a boat tour

Taxi boats symi

Symi may be best known for its picturesque town, but it has a number of beautiful beaches as well. Although you can reach many of them by road, the nicest beaches are only accessible by sea.

Small boats depart from Symi port and take you to the remote beaches of St George Disalonas and Nanou beach. The natural beauty and crystal clear waters of those wild beaches will blow your mind away!

Apart from the organized boat tours, various water taxis operate in Symi port. These are often converted fishing boats. If you want to get to a specific beach, you can hire a taxi boat to get you there, and pick you up at a pre-arranged time.

Loukas - Irine Taxi Boats

Welcome to Loukas - Irine , a leading taxi boat service operating in Symi. We offer safe, reliable, and comfortable water transportation services to explore the stunning island of Symi and its surrounding bays. Our team of experienced and professional drivers and staff is committed to providing you with the best possible service.

Loukas - Irine boasts a modern and well-maintained fleet of boats, offering a unique opportunity to explore the hidden gems of Symi's beautiful bays. Our flexible routes and tailored services ensure that we can meet your specific needs and preferences, providing you with a memorable and enjoyable experience.

At Loukas - Irine, we prioritize exceptional service at competitive prices. We understand the importance of making the most of your time on the island, and our team is dedicated to ensuring that your transportation needs are met with ease and efficiency.

Experience the beauty of Symi's bays from a new perspective with Loukas - Irine's taxi boat service. Contact us today to book your ride and discover the stunning natural beauty of Symi.

Contact Loukas & Irinis

Yalos, Sými, Greece

Phone Number: +30 694 480 1003

Taxi boats symi island

Take the buses in Symi

The buses in Symi are a cheap and convenient way to get around the small island. There are two bus routes, both departing from the bus terminal next to the main Symi port.

One bus service goes to the beautiful monastery of Archangel Michael Panormitis, the patron saint of the island. The other bus route serves Chorio and ends up in Pedi village, a lovely coastal settlement.

The buses in Symi are small, in fact they look more like large minivans. Bus timetables may vary by season, so check the announcement board just next to the terminal.

Symi island bus

Sebeco fastboat

Check out the timetable contact and more information how to get from Rhodes to Symi or from Symi to Rhodes.

sebeco ship

Walking in Symi

There is only one way to properly explore Symi town, and this is on foot! The small harbour town, which is known in Greek as Gialos (or Yialos), is a feast for the eyes, and the beautiful architecture will steal your heart.

The seafront in the small town is flat, so most people would have no problems walking around. It would take you about 10-15 minutes to walk from the ferry port to the iconic clock tower, on the other side of the bay. If you walk for another few minutes, you will come across Nos beach.

There are plenty of local restaurants serving fresh fish, several cafes and shops where you can buy various Greek souvenirs. The most unique souvenir from Symi is a natural sea sponge!

During the summer season, the port town gets busy in the morning and afternoon with the people who visit on a day trip from Rhodes. If you are staying overnight, head out in the evening to taste the incredible local cuisine and have a few delicious cocktails by the sea.

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