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Symi Nightlife

Let’s be honest: Symi is not a holiday destination that you would pick if you want to go clubbing every night, but there are still plenty of options to eat and drink at late into the evening. Bars and restaurants have licenses that allow them to stay open late, so there is no rush from any local business to close its doors.

Symi Bars and Clubs

LOS Art Yacht Club
This bar in Gialos reputedly has the best music in town, and it is renowned for its cocktails that are such an important part of holiday life.

Tsati Bar (Gialos)
Renowned for its style, Tsati has a relaxed atmosphere and great music. It is near the Clock Tower near the harbour. There is seating carved into the sea wall as well as areas which are important for those visiting in the heat of the day.

Eva Bar
This harbour bar attracts all ages; many many hotels are just a short walk away. It is an ideal place to relax on Edwardian style couches.

Harani Bar
This bar in a corner of the harbour has a very popular happy hour, and many stay much longer than that early evening time.

Lefteris Kafenion

After climbing the steep steps up to Chorio, the upper town, you deserve a break under the vines at Lefteris Kafenion to judge for yourself if – as they claim – they really do make the best mojitos on the island. It’s a friendly, family-run spot, and all drinks are served with meze that focus on healthy ingredients as opposed to the usual crisps and nuts. Lovely at any time of day or night.

Perantzada Coffee Snacks & Cocktails

Excellent place for a coffee or a drink

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